Two new classes in 2021

I write to you from a time of recovery and deep reflection, for me. In the weeks following my surgery, I have been so grateful to have space to rest and consider what it means to be alive in these times—what’s possible now that other things are impossible, and specifically what I want to move toward as an artist, healer, and teacher. I’m grateful for all of you for showing up in the hard work of sensitivity, vulnerability, social change, creativity, magic, and healing with me. And I’m particularly excited to start teaching again. I hope you join me in one of these new offerings!

Astrology 101, now live on Zoom

About five years ago I created a self-paced Astrology 101 class which now has hundreds of members. I’ve listened to those of you who love the materials but are having a hard time motivating to finish it on your own, and I’m now ready to do this with you. This eight-week class will begin in late January (date TBD by a scheduling poll) and is open to new and current Astrology 101 students.

Read more and register here

Healers and Weavers: Astrological Mentorship 

Many of you have asked me over the years if I’m available for mentorship and I probably told you something like, “um, maybe soon…but not just yet!” I never seemed to have the time to create the container and take on the responsibility of such important work. Finally, I have the time. If you’re also ready to grow from being an astrology student to an astrological healer, I invite you to apply!

Read more and apply here.  

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