Skills for Sensitives: Free Resource is Now Live

Available now! A free, short guide to developing resilience and working with your sensitivities to help transform our world.

Offered as a free introduction to a larger course available this spring, Skills for Sensitives identifies the unique challenges and strengths of having heightened sensitivity–however that manifests for you–and helps you strategize actions you can take to work with your sensitivity.

I offer all of you this free resource in the hope that it will help more and more of us who are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected tap into the strength we share together!

I’d love your feedback after you watch this–let me know what you’d like to see more of in the longer course!

Table of contents:

Introduction 00:09
What is Sensitivity? 00:34
Sensitivity vs. Toughness 01:34
Sensitivity is a Skill 04:14
Coping with the Stress of Sensitivity 06:15
What Skills Can Sensitivites Have? 10:25
Sensitivity and Political Struggle 11:22
Seven Actions to Develop Resilience 15:45
1. Stop Whirling Thoughts 16:14
2. Become More Embodied 16:59
3. Make Time for Recovery 18:58
4. Learn Better Boundaries in Relationships 19:41
5. Have a Toolbox for Acute Triggers 20:47
6. Integrate Strong Feelings 21:54
7. Identify Your Mission 23:22
How to Continue this Work 24:34
Remember 25:07
Further Resources 25:26