Returning Client Portal

Welcome back!

I’m always excited to check back in with returning clients, and there are enough of you now that I’ve made you a portal.

We can have whatever conversation you most need right now—deepening into topics we’ve opened up before, exploring new parts of your chart, looking at ongoing or upcoming transits, strategizing how to handle times of transition—I’m here for it all.

This portal offers you:

  • A streamlined booking process. No need to enter all your birth data, no need to wait for a personalized confirmation email.
  • Earlier scheduling. You’ll be able to book my earliest available spots.
  • Discounted readings. With the streamlined booking process I’m able to offer you a discount!

By using this portal, you agree that:

    1. We’ve already had at least one chart reading of any kind together—I already have your birth data, you already have a copy of your birth chart
    2. You’re booking this session for yourself only—no gift readings or relationship readings
    3. You’re okay with no personalized email from me before we talk live—your automated confirmation will be your only confirmation
    4. You’ve read and agree to the booking policies

If you need a sliding scale reading, use this page instead.

Corina’s guidance is empathic and firmly grounded in her radically well-developed astrological knowledge. She was certainly born to be a healer. Corina brings change to this Earth through creative listening and engaging simple, practical recommendations to promote balance. She is especially gifted at diagnosing patterns of illness and health of the physical body through observing energetics in the charts. The suggestions she provided me during our session still remain in my awareness long after we sat together.

Virginia Rosenberg, Asheville, NC

Readings with Corina are truly a transformative experience! I had never had a professional astrology reading before and I was blown away and left totally speechless. It was startling all of the things that Corina was able to tell me about my personality, re-occuring themes in my life and pinpoint what was happening to me now. Corina was clear, gentle, respectful, and did a wonderful job of letting me guide the reading so I could get the most out of the experience. I was especially grateful for the MP3 she sent me a few days later so I could catch things I missed the first time. I can’t recomend her readings highly enough.

L. S., Providence, R.I.