Relationship Reading

What if we could see the energy that exists between two people?

Imagine a world where emotional patterns create a visible pattern around us, each one as unique as a fractal. Some relationships might look symmetrical and orderly, while others might show dynamic lines of tension and excitement. Most of us experience a bit of both energies in our closest relationships, but no two relationships ever look the same–or stay the same.

A relationship reading looks at these patterns of energy, identifying the special strengths and challenges of this connection as it unfolds over time.

Our closest relationships are here to heal us, but we often resist the transformations they require. This reading sheds light on each partner’s unconscious motivations and needs, while offering practical guidance for supporting what’s best in the relationship and new insight for navigating the harder patterns.

These readings are useful for any kind of relationship, including lovers, spouses, housemates, family members, collaborators, and close friends. Love takes infinite forms, and opens up infinite possibilities. My consultations are sensitive to and inclusive of queer sexuality and unconventional forms of intimacy.

Some questions your reading could address:

  • What is the core purpose of this relationship?
  • What kind of healing does this connection offer?
  • How do we resolve a specific hard pattern?
  • What kind of commitment would make sense for us?

Relationship readings last about an hour and a half. I can meet with one or both people, but will need the consent of both to give a reading!. After the reading, you’ll receive an mp3 recording to keep.

Relationship readings are $250. I cannot offer sliding scale for these readings, but if this is out of your reach you can email me for other options, or consider a Relational Profile reading for just one person. 

Please read my booking policies before you book.

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