As Octavia Butler writes, all that you touch you change, and all that you change changes you.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky around you at the moment you joined this world. It captures that first spark when you began to change, and be changed by, your environment.

Similar to a strand of DNA, a birth chart offers complex information sheds light on your potential strengths and challenges–but neither can predict how your choices and environment will shape you. An astrological reading works with the energetic blue print of your birth chart and your own wisdom and experience, checking into how you’re expressing these potentials and where you might be blocked.

My consultations are collaborative investigations, empowering you to take meaningful risks and shape your life more consciously.

Readings are tailored to what you most need in this moment, and can help you unblock stuck energy, explore fears and desires, and rework old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.

Birth chart readings are versatile and offer fresh insight at different times in our lives. Your reading can help you find new clarity in a time of transition, reconnect with buried creative impulses, release damaging patterns, or merely achieve a better perspective on why you’re here in this form, at this moment. These readings generally include a look at the chart and current or upcoming transits. If you have specific requests of what you want to focus on, just let me know when you book!

These readings run for about an hour, and include an mp3 recording of your session. Birth charts are $175, with sliding scale available for those in need.

I no longer email a copy of your birth chart when you book. Please make sure your birth information is correct when you fill out your form! You can use this tool to draw up your own birth chart. 

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