Readings are an intimate collaboration,
tailored to what’s most important for you.


Each reading honors your power and creativity.
Each reading offers strategies to support your growth and healing.

I found Corina from searching queer astrologers and am so glad I did! I’ve been so tired of astrologers interpreting astrology from a heteronormative gender binary perspective, and have been pleased with how Corina subverts this and communicates astrology free from oppressive constructs. Beyond that, Corina is a sweet, gentle, grounded soul who begins each session promptly getting right into it (making my Capricorn sun happy). Corina has a great sense of humor too and laughs with you. I have struggled to find an astrologer that is right for me, and am grateful to have found Corina. I can’t recommend them enough.

Cameron Airen, co-founder of the Feminist Coach Academy

Corina reminded me the depth of being I have. Her reading helped me stop identifying with the roles I am assigned in life and understand my need for change and metamorphosis towards a truer self. 

Flor Méchain

She’s a natural teacher and guide—if you’re an astro novice, you’re in good hands! Those who have a deeper understanding of astrology will find Corina great to nerd out with—she respects your expertise about your own life, chart, and interpretations, while her depth of knowledge and experience allows her to offer you new perspectives.

Ali B., Philadelphia, PA

Corina’s guidance is empathic and firmly grounded in her radically well-developed astrological knowledge. She was certainly born to be a healer. 
The suggestions she provided me during our session still remain in my awareness long after we sat together.

Virginia Rosenberg, Asheville, NC

$175 / 60 mins

$90 / 30 mins

$245 / 90 mins

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As of October 2022, I am only offering remote readings and all sessions will be scheduled on Zoom as a default. If you prefer a phone reading, please let me know when you book.

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