Matchmaking with the Astro Yenta: Want to try it out?

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I had a wild idea yesterday and the internet gave me the thumbs up, so here we are! For a limited time I’m offering to connect you cuties to other cuties via the magic of synastry (looking at your charts together). So, for now at least, The Astro Yenta is Open for Service.

This is essentially the opposite of a dating app: Instead of scrolling and swiping through infinite photos, sending messages immediately and then getting overwhelmed and ghosting (or being ghosted), you’re going to offer me your birth chart and your preferences and I’m going to slowly and carefully go through how your chart matches with a small pool of others. We’re doing this in small batches because I’m not a computer, but if you find no good matches in the first batch I’ll keep your chart for the second batch (if it happens), and so on. No photos, but plenty of room to describe your preferences. Oh, and I have clients and readers all over the world so no guarantee that anyone will be local. But maybe you’ll have an excuse to travel!

Not only will I choose what seems like the best astrological fit for you (up to three potential matches), I’ll also offer you conversation prompts based on your synastry and your self-descriptions. In turn, if you connect I’d love to hear how it goes! And if you start a relationship, I’d love to hear about that, too!

For this beta launch I’m not charging you anything and I, in turn, am not promising anything. I may not be able to match every person who sends in their birth info. The people I match you with may or may not float your boat. I’m not responsible for anyone’s bad behavior. Click here for more fine print about this whole deal before you apply! And when you’re ready, fill out the form below.

You may be wondering: Is this really a good idea or a really bad idea? And the answer is: Who knows? My hope is that only kind and amazing people show up for this and are thrilled to get to know one another, but I can’t control that. My hope is that the work involved on the backend will be fun and not overwhelming, but I don’t know yet! Let’s find out together.

This batch of applications will close on March 15th, so act now if you want to be among the first to be Astro Yenta’ed! Will there be a second round? Who knows!


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