June Horoscopes

Cue a chorus of cellphone ringtones playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” in an off-tempo roundelay. Add the voices of commuters loudly declaring that they are on the trolley and you’d better keep an eye on your sister till they get back. Add the singeing smell of electricity in the air, and the rollicking screech of the trolley as it pulls against the wires that keep it plugged into the matrix. We are all beginning to feel that first cup of coffee, we’re all waking up mid-sprint. There are a million points of entry, but we can’t track the possible conclusions. They branch out like flashes of lightning, then fade. Books and sentences are left unfinished; fireflies and satellites dance above us, zipping around the dizzy globe. The best lack all concentration, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Every answer returns to its infancy as a question. Our alarm clocks revolt and sing out all the hours at once: there is never a moment not to wake up! With a rowdy cohort of planets in Gemini this month, our energy is likely to be quick, curious, and easily distracted. Add a month-long conjunction of Mars and the Sun, and our over-caffeinated state can quickly turn stormy. Meanwhile, a retrograde Mercury (until the 11th) is compulsively overprocessing with Neptune (planet of longing and confusion) with Saturn trying to referee the match. Which is to say: we feel pressed upon to speak, but we may get the words all wrong. Clarifying conversations could quickly get muddy. Logic may slip away while pretending it’s still paying attention. Keep testing what’s real–feel for what’s true like it’s the last step on a flight of stairs in dark house. Be suspicious of anything to looks too much like one of your standard hopes or fears, especially if it seems really familiar. Keep your eyes open, keep experimenting, and let yourself be surprised….

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