Intro to Astrology

Registration is now open for Introduction to Astrology, a six-week course for beginning and intermediate students. 

Register by June 15th to reserve your place. Scroll down for the registration form.  

Astrology is a language of connection. For thousands of years, it’s been used to study our relationship to the larger cycles of our world, and for over a hundred years to study our own psyches.

This course will cover the basics of Western astrology, grounded in an understanding of the ecological cycles that shaped this system. We will focus on the meanings of the signs, planets, and houses, and progress to how they interact together, using your own birth chart to guide you in an experiential understanding of these abstractions. What does it mean to have a fifth house Sun, or Venus in Taurus? How does it feel to have Saturn square your Moon? How do you put all these elements together to build an accurate psychological portrait?

By the end of this interactive course, students will have the essential tools to begin reading and interpreting birth charts. No prior experience with astrology is required, but students will get the most from this class if they know their birth date/time/place and have some time for study outside of class.

About the course:

  • Classes will meet once a week for 6 weeks, and will most likely being on June 27th
  • Each class lasts 90 minutes and will be held in Durham (location TBD). If you are interested in distance learning, please get in touch.
  • Tuition is $100 for the course. A few sliding scale and worktrade spots are available; let me know if tuition is a barrier for you.
  • Classes will most likely meet on Sundays, but specify below if you prefer a different day.
  • You’re encouraged to bring your birth chart and something to take notes with. Some students like to bring an audio recorder.

About the teacher:

Corina Dross is a consulting astrologer and artist who has been studying astrology her entire life. She has been teaching astrology courses since 2010, and she moved to Portland in 2013 to apprentice with astrologer Emily Trinkaus. She is an active collaborator with the organizers of the Queer Astrology Conference in San Francisco, and is currently on faculty at the Portland School of Astrology. She sees astrology as an evolving, dynamic art; she encourages her students to be critical thinkers and trust their own insights and experiences. You can reach her for questions, to register for courses, or to schedule a reading at:


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