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Free Reading Alert! Be a Volunteer Client for my Class

April 8, 2021

Thanks for applying everyone! I got a flood of applicants in the first day, so I’ve closed this offer for now. If I choose you as a volunteer I’ll email you by May 2nd. Stay tuned for future opportunities to volunteer for future classes!   Read more

Mini-Readings by Donation for Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2021

In collaboration with @somaticmagic and other readers, I’m offering donation-based mini-readings this Valentine’s Day. All money will be donated to mutual aid efforts, I’ve chosen the Trans Housing Coalition and Mutual Aid Philly. To snag your spot (there are just a few!) go to this link and choose “Fundraiser Short… Read more

Skills for Sensitives: Free Skill Share

January 10, 2021

This call is over, but for a free download of the audio from this event, click here. In these overwhelming and transformative times, I want to offer you the healing tools I use in my own practice. This call is free if for all who need it to be. For… Read more

Two new classes in 2021

December 11, 2020

I write to you from a time of recovery and deep reflection, for me. In the weeks following my surgery, I have been so grateful to have space to rest and consider what it means to be alive in these times—what’s possible now that other things are impossible, and specifically… Read more