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Matchmaking with the Astro Yenta: Want to try it out?

February 15, 2023

The Astro Yenta Database is now closed! If you want to be in a future cohort, sign up for my newsletter below to hear when I open up applications again.    I had a wild idea yesterday and the internet gave me the thumbs up, so here we are! For… Read more

Beyond Compatibility: Better Relationships with Astrology

January 27, 2023

You’ve seen the memes and clickbait articles: Leos should never date Scorpios! Geminis can’t commit! The internet is full of pop astrology that feeds on our anxiety about intimacy and, while it may seem fun and harmless, actually reinforces a culture of harmful stereotyping. In Beyond Compatibility, we’ll debunk some… Read more

Want to learn with me in 2023?

January 4, 2023

I’m finally offering new live classes! I always have ideas about what I’m interested in, but this is your space to tell me what you want. Whatever classes I offer, these things will be true: They will be on Zoom and scheduled to accommodate multiple time zones. They will be… Read more

Free Reading Alert! Be a Volunteer Client for my Class

April 8, 2021

Thanks for applying everyone! I got a flood of applicants in the first day, so I’ve closed this offer for now. If I choose you as a volunteer I’ll email you by May 2nd. Stay tuned for future opportunities to volunteer for future classes!   Read more