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We’re Hiring! Freelance Social Media and Marketing Support

September 5, 2023

Flax and Gold is saying goodbye to our beloved social media + marketing support person and looking for help! ———————————————– Thanks to everyone who applied, applications are now closed! I’ll reply to all qualified applicants by October 5th. Read more

Coming Soon: Creative Coaching

September 5, 2023

So many of my clients are brilliantly creative. I sit down with painters, novelists, historians, actors, musicians, screenwriters, textile makers, and also so many who don’t get paid for their creative work. In astrological readings I follow lines of tension the way a massage therapist does with the body, and… Read more

Matchmaking with the Astro Yenta: Want to try it out?

February 15, 2023

The Astro Yenta Database is now closed! If you want to be in a future cohort, sign up for my newsletter below to hear when I open up applications again.    I had a wild idea yesterday and the internet gave me the thumbs up, so here we are! For… Read more

Beyond Compatibility: Better Relationships with Astrology

January 27, 2023

You’ve seen the memes and clickbait articles: Leos should never date Scorpios! Geminis can’t commit! The internet is full of pop astrology that feeds on our anxiety about intimacy and, while it may seem fun and harmless, actually reinforces a culture of harmful stereotyping. In Beyond Compatibility, we’ll debunk some… Read more