Healers and Weavers Application

Astrological Mentorship Course beginning spring 2021

Registration is now closed! Stay tuned for future cohorts.

After many requests, I am finally ready to gather my first cohort of mentorship students! Will you join us?

This course will be similar to my readings—collaborative, healing-focused, and accommodating. If you’re interested in becoming a consulting astrologer, or would like to brush up your skills as a fledgling astrologer—or if you want to use astrological tools in a different healing practice—this course is for you. As this is my first time offering mentorship, some details are already clear but others we will weave together.

Read on for more details, and if you feel called to apply please fill out the survey at the bottom of the page. Applications close by end of day on January 28th, 2021.

  • This course is rooted in my own philosophy and practice as a healer. As such, we’ll be diving into not only astrology but queer ethics, somatic trauma healing, earth-based spirituality, racial justice, and intuitive creativity. We’ll also discuss what astrology can and can’t do as a healing art and what other kinds of support you can offer your clients. 
  • This course is intended for future or current healers who want to use astrology in their practice. Intermediate astro knowledge is important (can you look at a birth chart and tell a story about a few elements you see?). The goal is to be able to begin your own astrology practice when you finish this course, so you should feel fairly comfortable attempting chart interpretations, if not totally confident in all the moving parts and how to best structure a reading.
  • As we dive into astrological healing tools we’ll pay special attention to the relationship between practitioner and client. You should emerge from this course with more confidence in your client skills, your boundaries, and how to field the surprises that always come up. We’ll be doing practice readings with volunteer clients to hone these skills. 
  • You will be able to afford this! My pay-what-you-can model is flexible and adaptive to the whole group, balancing tuition between those who have the most and those who have the least. Your financial situation will remain anonymous to your cohort, I will be transparent about my costs, and together we will make sure I have enough to run the course and everyone is paying only what they can afford.  
  • This will be an intimate experience. Learning and practicing together is vulnerable, and becoming healers often means noticing where we still need healing. I aim to keep our container strong in several ways: I’m hiring racial justice facilitators to help me as a white person be accountable to BIPOC students; I will strive to meet all accessibility needs; and I will be open to feedback about what arises in the course. My goal is to make it easy for all students to show up fully present and engaged. 
  • We will meet on Zoom for 24 total hours of class time, beginning in mid-March and running till early June, exact dates TBD by a scheduling poll. There will be homework between class sessions and I encourage you to work in groups or pairs. And although we are on screens, I will be doing everything I can to help that screen time feel restful, embodied, and fun. 
As yet unknown:
  • Exact dates and times: We’ll determine these together through a scheduling poll.  
  • Class size: We need a minimum of 8 people to run the course. More people means less cost to all, but also less personalized attention for all. 
  • Class cost: This will depend on our final size, and what financial resources and need show up in that cohort. I’ll be transparent about every step of the process and strive to meet our collective financial needs.
  • Curriculum: I have topics I intend to cover, but I’m curious what you want to learn. What gaps in your education do you want to fill? More practice on chart synthesis? Is there one sign you just don’t get? Are house systems still a little mystifying? Do you need to learn how to write business plan or set up a website? Let me know your needs and the final curriculum will reflect them. 

I look forward to hearing from you! I encourage you to apply if this feels at all resonant for you.  Just fill out the survey below and click submit. Applications are open until January 28th, and I’ll be in touch with all applicants by January 30th.