Gift Readings

Now available for Birth Chart and Relationship Readings!

I’m honored and delighted to work with the people you love. And as this is a more involved process than a regular reading, please check out my gifting guidelines and policies.

Gifting Guidelines

  • First, make sure your giftee will appreciate this! Astrology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and a reading is fairly intimate, like a therapy session.  
  • Next, check out my policies on gift readings below to make sure you’re aware of how it all works and what’s going to happen if your recipient needs to reschedule or misses their appointment. When you pay for a reading, you’re agreeing to these policies. 
  • Note that there are times every year when I’m unavailable for readings. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months depending on my other work and life circumstances. I can never guarantee a specific date for scheduling your gift reading!

Gifting Policies

  • This is not a gift certificate, but a prepaid reading. As such, it is not transferrable and must be claimed by the recipient within 6 months of purchase (if I’m unavailable for readings at the time of purchase, that six months begins when I open my books again to clients). If the client does not schedule their session in this window, I cannot refund your purchase. 
  • Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase if the client has not yet scheduled. No refunds are available once I have received the client’s information and prepped their chart.
  • Gift readings are available only for Birth Chart Readings and Relationship Readings. 
  • I can’t offer any sliding scale pricing on gift readings. 
  • I have the same policies on lateness and no-shows for gift readings as for regular clients.

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