Gift Readings

I love that you want to give your loved one a reading with me!

I’m honored and delighted to work with the people you love. And as this is a more involved process than a regular reading, please read my procedure and policies, even if you’ve done this before!

Purchasing a Gift Reading

  • First, make sure your intended recipient will appreciate this gift! Astrology isn’t for everyone, and an astrology session is fairly intimate—like a massage or acupuncture treatment. 
  • Next, check out my policies on gift readings below to make sure you’re aware of how it all works and what’s going to happen if your recipient needs to reschedule or misses their appointment. When you pay for a reading, you’re agreeing to these policies. 
  • Note that there are times every year when I’m unavailable for readings. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months depending on my other work and life circumstances. I can never guarantee a specific date for scheduling your gift reading!
  • Fill out the form below and pay for your gift. You’ll be redirected to a payment page and a URL that you can send your client to. It is your responsibility to give your special person all the info they need to book, which you will find on your payment receipt page!

Gift Reading Policies

  • This is not a gift certificate, but a prepaid reading. As such, it is not transferrable and must be claimed by the recipient within 6 months of purchase (if I’m unavailable for readings at the time of purchase, that six months begins when I open my books again to clients). If the client does not schedule their session in this window, I cannot refund your purchase. 
  • Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase if the client has not yet scheduled. No refunds are available once I have received the client’s information and prepped their chart.
  • Gift readings are available only for Birth Chart Readings. 
  • I can’t offer any sliding scale pricing on gift readings. 
  • I have the same policies on lateness and no-shows for gift readings as for regular clients:
    • You can reschedule for no charge as long as our session is more than 72 hours away. Within that window, I cannot offer your time slot to another client and I lose income if you reschedule. If you need to reschedule within that window, I charge a 50% rebooking fee (invoiced to the recipient). For late clients, I encourage you to text or email and let me know you’re running late. Otherwise, if I don’t hear from you and you haven’t arrived by 15 minutes after our appointed time, I consider the session missed. I cannot refund missed sessions or reschedule them without a full rebooking fee (invoiced to the recipient). Please double-check your time zone vs. mine, and respect the time we’ve set aside to be together! 

Purchase a Gift Reading

Gift Reading Purchase

Be sure to click “Return to Merchant” after paying to reach your payment receipt page!