Free Relationship Reading + Astrogram for Queers!

Contest is now over, thanks everyone!

There’s nothing I love more than queer love, in all its infinite variety. It’s why I started working with astrology and what keeps me hooked. I’ve been writing queer relationship horoscopes and offering relationship readings for many years now, and while those readings are the best part of my job they’re also often out of reach for folks.

Last year I created Astrograms to help you all see something like what I see when I look at two (or more) charts together—the colors and rhythms of your connections. With this tool, it’s gotten much easier for me to get to the heart of your relationships in less time.

This Leo season, I’m offering a chance to get a free Relationship Reading and Astrogram, and to have your story shared on my Instagram feed. I know a few of you Leo queens are ready, but I want you shy ones to step forward, too. We’ll work together to create your story, and you’ll have final say over what gets posted.

If you are a queer of any kind in a love relationship of any kind, I’m talking to you.

I know you want to know about your relationship astrology. I want to talk to you about it. Grab your birth charts and your BFF’s birth chart (or your lovers’ or bandmates’ or housemates’ or collective members’ or network of co-parents’…) and check out the full details below. And remember, while queer love is infinite and our communities are vast, this free reading can only handle couples or groups of up to five people!

What I’m Offering

  • A free 30-minute reading about your relationship, over phone or Skype, with a recording you can keep. 
  • A free PDF of your relationship Astrogram, custom made for you, in your choice of color palette. 
  • A post about your relationship on my Instagram

What I Need From You

  • All relevant data (see the form below)
  • At least two great photos of you (both/all) together 
  • Consent from everyone involved (I will never post anything you’re not comfortable sharing!)

When will you know if you’re chosen?

I’ll be reaching out and scheduling these readings until the end of August, though some readings may happen at a later date. If I get tons of entries, I may not be able to respond to each of you, but I will try!

To increase your odds of being chosen, try to give me:

  • Full birth information (including time of day) for each person
  • Amazing photos
  • Thoughtful and creative answers to the questions below

Thanks to all who submitted! Follow me @corinadross on Instagram for the queer love stories winners!