Pluto Transits: Panic, Power, Metamorphosis

How do we align with the changes happening inside and around us?

How do we handle our anxiety about the world?

What tools do we need to navigate loss and grief,  both personally and collectively?

This download includes a 90-minute talk given on  November 9, 2020 for the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers in Kansas City. It covers Pluto transits, both personal and mundane, and offers meaningful ways to face hard times.

Everything in this lecture is drawn from my own experiences of Plutonian transformations, and the work I’ve done counseling hundreds of clients through their own Pluto transits.

As we move through this very Plutonian year and toward the Pluto Return of the United States, take a moment to understand what’s at stake for you in showing up for this metamorphosis.

Your download includes an audio file and a PDF slideshow.