After a decade of working as both an artist and consulting astrologer, I’m offering the skills I’ve developed along the way to help support your creative practice. 

Making art can be lonely and daunting. Even if it’s what you most want to do it can end up the last thing on your list. This is true whether you get paid to make your art or not. All of us rely on support to pull things through, to dig deeper, to sustain the discomfort of not knowing, to take seriously the shaping and fine-tuning. After supporting many astrology clients this way in our sessions, I’ve decided to make it a dedicated offering. 

If you can make the time, I can help you develop your tools.

You bring your creative aspirations and frustrations, I stay attuned to what you’re trying to make and how to best do it. We may explore what your birth chart says about your creative talents and blocks, and we may use timing techniques to pinpoint what’s arising for you right now and how to meet it. Each session is a custom fit for you, so what you most need will guide us. 

Is this for you?

Creative Coaching can support you if:

  • You make any kind of art or creative work  
  • You get paid for this creative work
  • You don’t get paid for this creative work
  • You identify as an artist
  • You don’t identify as an artist
  • You want to take your creative practice more seriously

Creative Coaching may not be for you if:

  • You have no time to dedicate to your creative practice right now
  • Your main goals are commercial (how do I make more money from my art?) rather than creative (how do I make the art I’m here to make?). Commercial goals are valid! Just not within the scope of how I can help you. 

Interested? Read more here and apply below. 

Creative Coaching Interest List
Are you interested in:

photo credit: Jocelyn Mosser let me use a photo of her studio process for our art biz