Coming Soon: A free offering on Skills for Sensitives

As soon as the election was over, I started planning what I could offer to my extended community to help people feel held and strong. I’ve been preparing a workshop called Skills for Sensitives to offer in 2017, focused on practical strategies for empaths and healers to avoid burn out. As I’m getting that ready, I’d like to offer a portion of it for free to everyone who needs it right now.

This offering will likely include:

  • One handout with strategies to reduce anxiety and exercises for grounding, clearing, and shielding.
  • A pre-recorded presentation covering the range of experiences, strengths, and challenges that those with heightened sensitivities may face during the coming months, with advice on how to increase your capacity for helping others without risking harming yourself.
  • It may include perspectives and resources from other healers, activists, and visionaries as well.

If you’d like a notice when this offering is available, shoot me an email at: flaxandgold [at] with the subject header: “skills for sensitives.” I hope to have it ready before the new year!

Meanwhile, stay strong everyone. I’m rooting for you.