Beyond Compatibility: Better Relationships with Astrology

You’ve seen the memes and clickbait articles: Leos should never date Scorpios! Geminis can’t commit! The internet is full of pop astrology that feeds on our anxiety about intimacy and, while it may seem fun and harmless, actually reinforces a culture of harmful stereotyping. In Beyond Compatibility, we’ll debunk some popular astro myths about sign compatibility and dive deeper into the questions you should be asking yourself and your potential partners. Drawn from over a decade of astrological consulting for all kinds of relationships (partners, lovers, exes, siblings, polycules, collective members), this course will help you take a closer look at your relationship needs and patterns so you can make wiser choices. Open to all levels, and I encourage you to bring a copy of your birth chart!

We’ll be meeting on Zoom and no worries if you can’t make the live talk, a recording will be emailed after to all who register.

Monday, February 13th 2023  |  8pm – 9:30pm EST (US)
Actual cost $75, sliding scale down to $40

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