Astro Matchmaking: The Fine Print

Thanks for your interest in Astro Matchmaking! Please read and agree to all these terms before applying:

  • I understand I may or may not get matched with someone, this is a free and fun experience with no obligations for any of us 
  • I give Corina (hereafter referred to as the Astro Yenta) permission to share my name and email address with matches they arrange
  • I understand my birth chart will NOT be shared with anyone else
  • I release the Astro Yenta from any liability if any of my matches turn out to be acting in bad faith or up to any kind of bad behavior
  • I understand that synastry is complex and I will trust my gut over the Astro Yenta’s advice and NOT try to make it work with someone who is a bad fit because our stars said we might be fated
  • I can opt out of this experience at anytime by emailing flaxandgold [at] with the subject line: “HELP! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA” and my data will be promptly deleted
  • I understand any other email communications with the Astro Yenta may be answered very slowly or not at all 
  • While I owe the Astro Yenta nothing for this service, I may want to be a mensch and sign up for their newsletter (below) or join their Patreon as a thank you