There’s a story from the Talmud: Two people dream the same dream and go to the same expert to interpret it. The first pays handsomely and is told the dream bodes well. The second doesn’t pay and is told the dream bodes ill. The moral of this story? Be careful who you ask to interpret. 

These are my counseling ethics:

  • You’re steering the ship. I encourage you to ask questions, set boundaries, and stay engaged in making meaning with me.
  • I’m a guide, not a guru. My truth isn’t truer than your truth.
  • I offer tools for encountering change, not predictions.
  • I don’t judge you or your chart.
  • I believe in your highest potential and respect your current situation.

When we meet we’ll spend a few minutes getting cozy and setting the scope of the session. New questions may come up here, or at any point later in the session. When we dive in we’ll stay in conversation about how you’re experiencing the astrological themes I see in your chart and transits. We may talk strategies, timing, and how to face current challenges. We may focus on just one part of your chart or take a trip around the whole thing. About ten minutes before we end I’ll make a time for last questions, and after our session I’ll email you an audio recording. More than half of my clients come back regularly after our first reading, some every year and some every few months. If you come back over time we’ll be going into different parts of your chart and new transits as they unfold—there’s always something to talk about.

Still wondering if now is the right time for you?

A few good reasons to book a reading

  • It’s your birthday
  • You need support through a break up
  • “It feels like everything is falling apart, what’s going on?”
  • You’re trying to make a big decision
  • You’ve internalized something doomy about your chart and need a second opinion
  • You’re in therapy and know astrology can support your healing process
  • You’re in a creative block
  • You’re simply curious to know more

When shouldn’t you get a reading? 

There are so many reasons to get a reading, but only a few clear reasons not to. If you’re looking for a concrete prediction about the future (will your ex come back? will you win the lottery?) I am not your guy. Also, I am not a crisis counselor. If your need for care is urgent, I will need to know you have outside support before we can work together.

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Still want to learn more? Here’s a little more about astrology.

Corina’s guidance is empathic and firmly grounded in her radically well-developed astrological knowledge. She was certainly born to be a healer. Corina brings change to this Earth through creative listening and engaging simple, practical recommendations to promote balance. She is especially gifted at diagnosing patterns of illness and health of the physical body through observing energetics in the charts. The suggestions she provided me during our session still remain in my awareness long after we sat together.

Virginia Rosenberg, Asheville, NC

Readings with Corina are truly a transformative experience! I had never had a professional astrology reading before and I was blown away and left totally speechless. It was startling all of the things that Corina was able to tell me about my personality, re-occuring themes in my life and pinpoint what was happening to me now. Corina was clear, gentle, respectful, and did a wonderful job of letting me guide the reading so I could get the most out of the experience. I was especially grateful for the MP3 she sent me a few days later so I could catch things I missed the first time. I can’t recomend her readings highly enough.

L. S., Providence, R.I.