When I was born, my mother drew my birth chart by hand. 

I still have her calculations, written in pencil with the help of a giant ephemeris. 

For many years, astrology felt like a language I only spoke with my family, a way to understand each other and our own paths. When I began studying astrology seriously as an adult, I was determined to offer it as a source of insight and understanding.

In 2010, members of my community in West Philly (mostly activists and artists on the queer spectrum) encouraged me to start teaching astrology. Our lively discussions revealed a deep need for a language of astrology that can include queer identities, reward critical engagement, and offer insight not only for our personal lives but for our efforts to transform the world. In search of a larger astrological community to learn from, I moved to the West Coast in 2013 to apprentice with Emily Trinkaus, who taught me how to work with astrology as a healing tool.

I currently see clients around the world through my consulting practice located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I also teach online classes, including guest instruction at the Portland School of Astrology. I write monthly horoscopes for Autostraddle magazine and offer a podcast with my sister called The Hum and The Holler.  

I’m grateful for everyone I work with, and grateful to share the tools I’ve learned for healing, insight, and empowerment with those who are ready for change.  

Corina Dross ArtworkI’m also an artist!

My illustrated card deck Portable Fortitude is sold in stores nationwide, and my sister and I illustrate witchy calendars of small spells—you can check out our work and our blog at abacuscorvus.com.