About Astrology

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery ancient culture practiced some form of astrology.

For as long as humans have thought about our relationship to the earth and sky, we’ve been tracking the paths of planets and other satellites and pondering our connection to them. Astrology is a discipline whose roots go back to the earliest civilizations, before science, psychology, and religion were seen as separate modes of thought. Though its origins are so ancient, astrology as a practice is constantly being updated. In the search for clarity about what our lives mean, and how we are connected to the larger cosmos, astrology is continually adapting its tools and theories to our changing times.

One part science and one part art, astrology works with precise coordinates to builds maps of the psyche. These maps are like our energetic DNA.

Like DNA, the ingredients are limited but the combinations are infinite. Interpreting this data is an intuitive art that acknowledges the subjectivity of both the client and the astrologer (this is why there is no “proving” or disproving astrology). Astrology shows us possibilities and overarching themes in our lives; it helps us claim our strengths and see the larger picture.

Working with astrology doesn’t require any belief system. Only the willingness to entertain the idea that we are connected to larger cycles.

Engaged thinkers and seekers of all stripes find in astrology useful tools for healing and integration. The language of astrology helps us expand our self-awareness and our sense of connection to all life.