Imagine you’re the hero of an old folk tale.
You’re given an impossible task:

Bring a message to the North Wind.
Spin flax into gold.

With no idea how, you start somewhere. As you find your way, strange creatures come to your aid, each with a secret that will help you crack the code. Eventually the overwhelming task reveals itself as an initiation. With a change in perspective, you recognize new possibilities. The world is reborn in you.

Too often, we got blocked from completing this process. Trauma, alienation, and disconnection are common: we shut down in order to get by. If we try to shift this pattern, we can get trapped in another–the story that we need to be constantly improving ourselves: spinning that flax endlessly into gold. A change in perspective can help us see our real mission, and our real strengths.  

We are made of both flax and gold.
We embody the sublime and the mundane, the glorious and the stubbornly ordinary. Astrology offers us a chance to recognize, integrate, and celebrate our complete selves. 

An astrological reading shows you what internal strength you can rely on, what strange paths might be calling to you.  Are you at a crossroads in your story? What are your biggest challenges? Where will you find the strength to meet them? Are you carrying something you no longer need? When do you get to let go of it? Can you see the shape of what you’re trying to become? Who can help you on this journey?

My work in this world involves healing disconnection.

When we feel whole, we are aware of our connection to all of life. Wonderful things happen in that place. The readings I offer are a collaborative process and can provide emotional healing, clarify intentions, highlight new opportunities, and help you understand what to do next. My role as an astrologer is to facilitate your becoming whole, however that looks. I work with respect for your wisdom and experiences, and I’m honored to be a part of your journey.

Take a look around at the readings, classes, and horoscopes I offer, and feel free to just reach out and ask a question! I’d love to hear from you.

Corina’s guidance is empathic and firmly grounded in her radically well-developed astrological knowledge. She was certainly born to be a healer. Corina brings change to this Earth through creative listening and engaging simple, practical recommendations to promote balance. She is especially gifted at diagnosing patterns of illness and health of the physical body through observing energetics in the charts. The suggestions she provided me during our session still remain in my awareness long after we sat together.

Virginia Rosenberg, Asheville, NC

Readings with Corina are truly a transformative experience! I had never had a professional astrology reading before and I was blown away and left totally speechless. It was startling all of the things that Corina was able to tell me about my personality, re-occuring themes in my life and pinpoint what was happening to me now. Corina was clear, gentle, respectful, and did a wonderful job of letting me guide the reading so I could get the most out of the experience. I was especially grateful for the MP3 she sent me a few days later so I could catch things I missed the first time. I can’t recomend her readings highly enough.

L. S., Providence, R.I.