Booking is temporarily closed

 I have a health condition that requires urgent surgery. If recovery goes well, I’ll be seeing clients again in late October.

I will update this page when I am available for client work again.

Please don’t book and pay yet! I will not be able to respond to your booking for several weeks, and you will not be able to schedule. 

Sometimes you just have one big concern. Maybe you want to know how to make a decision or when a difficult situation will change. One-question readings are short, focused, and aim to pinpoint the exact information you need. They can help you orient yourself to times of transition and provide a roadmap for when to expect major shifts.

One-Question readings are only $75! They last about half an hour and include an mp3 recording of your session. 

For in-person readings, I’m currently in Olympia, Washington and sometimes travel to Portland or Seattle. Contact me if you’d like to know when I’m giving readings in one of those towns!

If you are redeeming a gift certificate, please choose the Gift Reading in scheduling, and know that our reading is not confirmed until we send you a personal confirmation! 
One Question Reading
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The more specific you are here, the better we'll be able to focus our session.

After you submit your form, you will be redirected to schedule your reading. If that doesn’t happen, use this link.

After booking, I’ll be in touch to confirm your reading within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from me, please contact me to make sure your booking was received!