Booking Policies

  1. For our session: Do your best to be somewhere with a strong internet connection, privacy, and a minimum of distractions or interruptions. 
  2. Rescheduling: You can reschedule for no charge as long as our session is more than 72 hours away.  If you need to reschedule within that window, I charge a 50% rebooking fee (half of what your initial session cost). I do this because in that window I cannot offer your spot to another client and I lose income from holding that time for you.
  3. Changes to Birth Data: Please double check your information (find birth certificates, call parents, etc.) before booking. Once you’ve booked, I cannot update your birth data without a $15 fee, if the session is more than 24 hours away. Changes to birth data within 24 hours of our session will require rescheduling, with the 50% rebooking fee. 
  4. Lateness: I encourage you to email me if you’re running late. Otherwise, if I don’t hear from you and you haven’t arrived by 15 minutes after our appointed time (or 10 minutes for a 30 minute reading), I consider the session missed.
  5. Missed sessions: I cannot refund missed sessions or reschedule them without a full rebooking fee (as much as you initially paid to schedule). Please double-check your time zone vs. mine, and respect the time we’ve set aside to be together! 
  6. If I need to reschedule or cancel: I live with chronic illness and sometimes need to reschedule a meeting. If I have to move your session and we cannot find a new time that works for you, I will offer you a full a refund.
  7. I no longer send a manual confirmation of our booking. You can draw up a copy of your birth chart here, but if you have any questions before the reading feel free to email me. The only exception is relationship readings, I will email your synastry data on the day we meet or before.