New classes! And updates on older classes!

Hello, and egad it’s 2018 already! 

Looking back at the last year, above all I’m profoundly grateful. I’m deeply inspired by how I see my clients showing up for their own healing and transformation and helping to create a better world. I’m lucky I get to work with all of you! It’s been an intense, rough time, and 2018 brings us all a reality check—how do we show up for what needs to change, and how do we make real change sustainable? I’m living into this questions, as I know many of you are, and the classes I’m offering this year will mostly help brainstorm about this: 

On February 2nd, find me at the Portland School of Astrology offering a course on Astrology as Resistance. Full description and registration info here—and there should be a recording available for remote students!

On February 18th, I’ll be presenting at the Queer Astrology Conference, also in Portland! Come hear me get super real about gender, violence, and legitimacy as we look at the Eris archetype and struggle against oppression.

Later this spring, I’ll be teaching further courses in the Astrology as Resistance series at the Portland School of Astrology, and I’m planning some queer relationship astrology classes, as well!

Some of you may be wondering: “Hey, you’re great and all and I’d love to take your classes, but what ever happened to Skills for Sensitives? Or the Astrology 101 Immersion Track?”

Those are valid questions that I’ve been putting off answering because I am a creature that lives on hope. I always think I’ll be able to take on everything people ask for from me—despite this being a year when I’ve seen my consulting practice double, and I’ve taken a lot more time away from work to focus on political struggles. But as Saturn moves into Capricorn, I’m getting some major lessons in scaling back and staying sustainable. So for now, the Immersion Track is cancelled. Skills for Sensitives is an offering I’d like to collaborate on with other healers and teachers, and I hope to offer it in the future but I don’t yet have a date. To stay updated, make sure you’re on my newsletter or follow me on Instagram

Thanks to all of you doing the good work out there, even if what you’re doing isn’t that visible in the larger culture. I see you. I’m grateful for you.