Need a scholarship for your astro-education?

Astrology 101 turns a corner today–we have enough enrollment that we can start offering scholarships!

As someone who rejects the logic of capitalism, I always think long and hard about how I price what I offer so that it can reach the most people, while allowing me enough income to live. It’s a tricky balance, and I’m not sure I always get it right. But I keep trying, because I believe in creating community through astrology. I created this class so that as many people as possible can benefit from the insights and healing that astrology offers, especially when we approach it through a social justice lens. I want there to be throngs of us. And I recognize that there are bright and passionate folks out there who have financial barriers to accessing this kind of information, and joining this kind of community. If that’s you, consider applying for a scholarship and joining us.

How do you know if you need a scholarship? It’s not always easy to judge your own level of need. There are a lot of factors that have most of us feeling economically stressed! If you have time, you can check out this fantastic article on understanding the sliding scale. But the short answer is: would paying full price for this course only cut into your expendable income (money for entertainment, books, travel, etc.)? If so, you probably don’t need sliding scale. Or would it cut into income you depend on to survive (money for rent, food, doctors, etc.)? If so, you probably qualify for a full scholarship. If you fall somewhere in between, you can probably pay something in between.

I’m going to trust you to decide for yourself what you can pay. I’ll be offering scholarships on a first come, first serve basis.

I expect there will be a wait list after the first spot is filled; new scholarship slots will become available as more students sign up at full tuition. So if you end up languishing on a wait list, see if you can get some friends to sign up!

Ready to apply for a scholarship?

Astro 101 Scholarship Application