Looking for gift certificates? I’ve made some changes to how I offer these, so check out the new process. 

First, please make sure this is a desired gift! You may have had a great reading with me, but that doesn’t mean what I offer is the best fit for everyone you know.

Like psychotherapy, energy healing, or massage, an astrology reading can be quite intimate, and clients might feel vulnerable or emotional during the session. Please keep this in mind before gifting a reading— I’m trusting you to send me people who want to work with me!

How to give your gift: 

1. Choose which reading you’d like to give from the PDFs below. Birth chart readings are $125, 30-minute readings are $75, and relationship readings are $200. I cannot offer sliding scale on gift readings!

2. Download your PDF and send it electronically (from the email you want invoiced), or print it out and personalize it with your own sweet note. If you print it out, be sure to write your email address on it!  

3. Your gift recipient will book their reading, whenever they’re ready. When they do, they’ll write your email address (the one you want invoiced) in their booking form.

4. When I receive the booking, I’ll invoice you via Paypal. You will have one week from this time to pay the invoice—please pay promptly! No one wants to have to cancel a gift reading from lack of payment.

5. Once you’ve paid, I’ll confirm the session with your recipient, and we’ll be all set! 

Thanks for thinking of me for your friends and loved ones, and thanks for helping make this a smoother process for all of us!