Astrology 101 is Expanding! Join Our First Immersion Class!

Astrology 101 is a fairly unique online course.

Comprehensive, creative, and affordable, it offers a wealth of astrological information from the perspective of a queer astrologer who uses astrology as a tool for healing and liberation. The eight lessons each include multimedia elements, homework, study aids, and guided meditations. It took me many years of teaching introductory astrology, and many months of learning how to make a damn website, to complete the course as it stands today.

I’m pretty proud of it, and I’m even more excited to be adding a second track this fall.

Beginning on September 21st, I’ll be offering live video classes for the first time.

When you register for the Immersion track, you’ll get access to all the original course materials PLUS eight weekly video conferences with me. These classes will help you prioritize and focus so your self-study doesn’t become “I’ll get to that someday.” They’re your chance to practice your skills, review what you’ve learned, and ask me all your burning astrological questions. The first session begins this September, so

check out the calendar

for all the dates and times of the first session, and when you’re ready,

learn more and register here.

Registration for this Immersion session will close on September 15th!