More Astrogram Options

Thanks for your patience—a streamlined shopping cart is coming soon! Meanwhile, you can order any of these add-ons or bundles below with this order form!

Please note that the pricing on these extras is good for the rest of 2018 and will change in 2019! 

Astrogram Bundles

Buy five Astrograms at once for only $65.

If you want a handful of Astrograms, take advantage of this ridiculous discount on bundled orders. These bundles can contain any combination of Solo, Duo, and Trio Astrograms. If you want to throw a larger group Astrogram into your bundle, contact me for pricing.

To order a bundle, download this order form.




Want an explanation of what those shapes and colors in your chart mean?

This brief interpretation summarizes the dominant energies in your Astrogram, giving you a short portrait of your core patterns. Read a sample interpretation of a Solo Astrogram here, and a Duo Astrogram here.

If you’d like to add interpretations to your Astrogram, just use this order form.

If you’ve already ordered an Astrogram and are only now realizing you want to add an interpretation, don’t worry! There’s an option for that on the form!



Add-On to a Chart Reading

Enhance your reading!

Are you ordering a Birth Chart or Relationship Reading and want a Solo or Duo Astrogram added to your reading? Guess what!

You can use this order form!



Astrogram Customization

Do you want your Astrogram in a different size or layout?

Do you want specific fonts, extra text, or no text at all? Any other special requests?

Contact me to get a custom quote.