I’m Corina Dross, and I grew up speaking astrology.

When I was born, my mother drew my birth chart by hand. For a long time, astrology just seemed like our private family language. I began teaching astrology in 2010 and opened my client practice in 2014 after apprenticing with astrologer Emily Trinkaus. 

Over the years I’ve continued to teach for local astrology associations and independently. I taught at the Portland School of Astrology for a decade, I’ve presented on Eris for the Queer Astrology Conference, and I recently talked with New School students about the art of horoscope writing. In 2021 I mentored my first cohort of emerging astrologers, and I continue to offer Astrology 101 for astrology beginners.

As of 2023 I’m learning as much as I can about astrology through a Jewish lens and may eventually teach or write on the links between astrology, literary theory, and Talmudic argument. I also create expanded horoscopes and host Office Hours over on my Patreon, which is where I post new writing as it happens. 

In addition to astrology, I make art with my sister as Abacus Corvus and say yes to all kinds of collaborations. I’ve had my writing published in Hold journal, in the anthology Self As Other: Reflections on Self Care, the Microcosm Zine Yearbook #9, and in the upcoming Gay Genius volume from Fantagraphics. Poet Aliki Barnstone wrote a book inspired by my Portable Fortitude deck. And I’ve seen my artwork on a lot of tattoos and back patches over the years, which always makes me smile. 

What can you expect from a reading?